Staffing Worker’s Comp

A well planned insurance strategy can simplify and expedite a Staffing Companies profitability.

The Staffing Comp program can free up important operating capital and significantly reduce Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs.

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Startup Staffing

Worker’s Compensation Staffing Companies

Staffing Comp recognizes the unique exposures facing PEO and Staffing Firms. We have developed a special insurance program for streamlining quoting, underwriting and simplifying claims management.

This opens up new possibilities for carriers and agencies to offer competitive rates for Workers’ Compensation and Liability Insurance and integrate it with our proprietary Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Program.

Temporary Staffing Insurance Specialists

Staffing Companies and PEO’s require specialized experience in order to minimize Workers’ Comp related losees. Your company will have access to our expert Staffing Industry Risk Management Team to help you understand exposures, prevent losses, manage claims, and control costs.

Staffing Comp uses a system designed to simply and reduce the ongoing cost of claims specific to the Temporary Staffing and Professional Employer organizations.