Startup Staffing Experts

Are you ready to launch your own staffing franchise?  We’re here to share your vision and make it a reality.  Our experts have access to resources and experience to make starting a staffing agency quick and successful.

Startup Staffing

Featured Services

Whether you need help with your back office, cashflow, or software, we have the answers for you. We also offer a plug-and-play Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Comp program designed for Staffing firms.

  • Support & consultation from our own experts with years of experience in the staffing industry.
  • Guidance for developing a solid business plan
  • A plan for setting up your DBA, Tax ID and registering for taxes
  • Pre-qualified service providers for:  background checks, insurances (including Worker’s Compensation), PEO’s and tax credits
  • Payroll Funding so you have the cash flow to start and grow your staffing agency
  • Back Office Services:  payroll processing, tax administration and invoicing

Learn how to start a temp agency and focus on what you do best: recruiting and selling. All you need is your staffing experience and the courage to get started.  We will plug you not turnkey solutions to get things rolling fast.

  • Learn how to position your company as the staffing company of choice for clients and talent.
  • We will show you how to attract, hire, and retain exceptional employees who will drive your business forward
  • Get plugged into the resources you need to quick-start the operational requirements to start a successful staffing firm

Funding For Startup Staffing

cool staffing funding options

Hybrid Financial has a program that gives you funding with exceptional flexibility at lower cost than a bank line of credit. While we can nearly instantly take away your payroll funned headaches, we can can also facilitate your need capital for expansion, acquisition or other growth-related expenses too.

What to expect:

  • Lowest Cost of Capital
  • Flexibility & Creativity
  • 24/7 real-time reporting
  • Uncapped Credit Line
  • Full Disclosure
  • Great Communication
  • Simplicity & Speed